Training & Facilitation

Training and Facilitation sessions are tailored to meet your resolution strategy.

Training can be designed for half day, full day or multi-day formats.  Recurring competency training can also be accommodated.

Facilitation sessions are situation specific and developed to meet the outcomes required.  The process typically includes consultation meetings to determine the scope and expectations of the project, initiating the process within the organization, data collection & analysis and final reporting.

Training topics and Facilitation sessions include:

  • Skills based training in understanding conflict and relationships
  • Team building
  • Group needs assessments
  • Focus groups
  • Employee engagement surveys

Consider A Keynote

Keynote speeches help to align the audience with your underlying theme, planning goals or organization values.  They can set the tone and summarize the core message and can be used at conventions, professional development conferences and strategic planning events.  A keynote specific to your resolution strategy can be developed to start your event off on the right note!

Plan Ahead

Please contact for your next training day, facilitation project or for a keynote request.